Animation Converter 1.02p03

Animation Converter 1.02p03 download free, this extension requires one license per seat, Requires Unity 5.5.4 or higher.


Animation Converter 1.02p03 download free

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 5.5.4 or higher.
Convert animation clips to a different animation type: 

⭐ Humanoid ⇆ Generic ⇆ Legacy
Convert between all 3 animation types in every possible combination.

⭐ Convert Unity Animation Clips (*.anim)
Natively Unity can only convert animations when importing them from a 3D modeling format (*.fbx, *.blend,…).

⭐ Motion Capture to Generic/Legacy
Convert (free) motion captured animations to make them useable for your Generic/Legacy characters.

⭐ Reuse Animations
Convert Generic/Legacy animations created for one character to a Generic/Legacy animation useable by a different character.

⭐ *.anim to Humanoid
Convert animations created using Unity’s Animation Window to Humanoid.

⭐ Extensible
Comes with an easy to use C# API and with the full source code of the editor window.

⭐ Detailed Manual 
Detailed HTML based manual in a similar style as the official Unity® manual. 

Animation Converter 1.02p03 download unity
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