Hierarchy PRO – Spacestation 22.2

This is the full version of the plugin, which includes all the features of this asset and does not includes any limitations


Hierarchy PRO – Spacestation 22.2 torrent
Hierarchy PRO – Spacestation 22.2 download free

Requires Unity 5.6.6 or higher.

• New feature:
      Fully compatible with 2019.3
      The new ability to save data in external folder

• Modules:
      The ability to use tags, layers, sprite, prefabs, descriptions, sorting order, locking buttons, audio, or to create custom extension

• Colors, Labels, Icons:
      The ability to use the background color and labels with different alignment, as well as the ability to automatically assign colors depending on the names or components

• Search:
      A special modal window allows you to search for objects in many ways and manipulate them

• A special context menu:
      For using commands such as grouping or change hierarchy siblingings order

• The HyperGraph:
      Displays relations between objects and their components, or between unity events

• The Bottom Interface:
      Allows you to manipulate bookmarks or the selection history

• Memory:
      The special Memory module allows you to display the size of three-dimensional models or size of textures as well as the ability to use broadcast calculation for objects with same textures or models

• Components icons:
      Allows you to filter selection, invoke methods, or manipulate with variables directly through the interface

• Size:
      The ability to change font size or Height of Lines 

• PlayMode Keeper:
      The convenient PlayMode Keeper allows you to save changed variables in the PlayMode

• Presets:
      The experimental ability to save script variable values ​​to presets

• Interface:
      All functions are perfectly integrated into standard hierarchy window and do not overload the working interface. Hierarchy PRO allows you to manipulate the interface directly in the hierarchy window

• Other:
      And many many other small things, escape to close a prefab mode for example, hide modules using function keys, or storing the settings in special files in the “library” folder or in a scriptableobjects in the “assets” folder to share it with your colleagues 

☰ Manual: Get started quickly.

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• Or if you have problems?
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☄️ Last off: This is the full version of the plugin, which includes all the features of this asset and does not includes any limitations 

Hierarchy PRO – Spacestation 22.2 download unity
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