Racing Game Template 1.7.3a

Racing Game Template is easy to work with, edit the vehicle prefabs by changing the models and any other desired settings


Racing Game Template 1.7.3a download free

Requires Unity 5.6.6 or higher.

Note: A remake of this template (version 2.0) is currently in development and will be a free upgrade.

IK Driver Avatar & Vehicle Controller will be the default vehicle controller used in the remake and is unlocked as a free upgrade with purchase of this asset.

Racing Game Template is easy to work with, edit the vehicle prefabs by changing the models and any other desired settings. Edit the race scene by replacing the environment and track with your own, then layout the waypoints that can be auto generated from the scene manager.

Finally use the project editor window to make any additional changes and you are finished. From here you can continue to build your unique game-play designs and features using all the tricks in your own toolbag!

This template will give you a powerful framework that can save you hundreds if not thousands of hours in framework design. NO DLLs – Full C# Source Provided.

Key Features: 

Unity User Interface (uGUI) 
• Mobile ready controller with tilt, UI buttons, UI steering wheel or UI joystick for mobile steering. 
• Realistic inverse kinematics driver applies the appropriate procedural IK animations for looking, steering, shifting, brake, gas and clutch pedal animations. 
AI opponent drivers can overtake other racers, avoid obstacles and correct their positioning. 
Multiplayer ready player prefabs with sample Network Manager for internet matchmaking, a basic lobby system to host or find games to join that are hosted through Unity Multiplayer Services. You can customize the match name and size, then configure multiple open world type scenes to spawn into with, full car controller prefab and IK driver procedural animation synchronization.
• Advanced race lap & position tracking system allows for all racer data to be tracked and displayed with any number of laps or racers for each race. 
• Currency & reward system allows players to earn money from racing then use it in the garage to unlock more races or cars, upgrade cars or customize their design. 
• UI displays up to 8 racer positions. When the player drops below 8th place the UI racer position color is changed to red and the 2 positions above the player are shown instead of 6,7,8 racer positions. 
• Unlock races through purchase or progression 
HUD includes mini-map, rpm slider, nitro slider, speedometer, player position, player lap and player race timer. 
• Wrong way detection in races 
• Rear and side view mirrors 
• Complete car controller physics with nitro and manual transmission system. 
• Complete camera system with switching and dynamic movement for the chase and interior cameras. 
• Pause and options menu 
• Includes support for Edy’s Vehicle Physics vehicle prefabs. 
• Current included game modes: single player rac

Racing Game Template 1.7.3a download unity
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