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Underwater Animals Pack 2 v1.1

Includes few fish species and underwater props:three types of corals and underwater plant, rocks, crab

Toon Vehicles 1.2

A massive package, containing 43 vehicles after the latest update, perfect for your project.

Toybox Construction Kit 1.0

Requires Unity 5.1.0 or higher.Package containing all you need to build toybox themed game levels.

Teddy Bear 1.1

One low poly animated Teddy bear with 4 skin textures, tshirt with 5 textures, a ribbon with 3 textures.

Stylized Low Poly Planes Pack 1.0

Package contains 5 low poly planes with animations (you can see them on Sketchfab previews).

Villa Archviz 1.1

Baked and Realtime GI, lowpoly funiture 3D models, ready for VR Oculus Vive, ready for 24hr Dynamic day/night light.

Space Cruiser MX-III 1.0

Space Cruiser MX-III is a modular 3D Space Craft model with diffuse, specular and normal maps, suitable for all sorts of space genres.

Space Arcade – Enemy Ships 1.0

Set of 3 models of Enemy SpaceShips: Fighter, Bomber and BOSS Frigate (Separate Towers) (in Prefabs)

Soda cans 1.03

Take a break, and have a drink, four different and unique textures, specially designed

SurrounDead 3.4

SurrounDead - Survival game assets is perfect to help you kickstart your survival sandbox or zombie/monsters/pigs etc

Simple Airport Cartoon Assets 1.11

A Simple Airport pack with Planes, Ground Vehicles, Fighter Jets, Helicopters, Characters, Buildings, Environments and Props

The Hunt – Cyberpunk Pack

the Hunt is a next-gen Unity3D project that explores new ways of asset creation.

POLYGON – Sci-Fi Space Pack 1.02

A low poly asset pack of Space ships, characters, props, weapons, FX, and environment assets

Manticore 1.01

Manticores have the head of a lion, the wings of a dragon and the tail of a scorpion, four color options.

Fantasy Spider 1.0

Fantasy Spider 1.0 download free - These eight legged, icky crawlers are out to ruin your day with a few special tricks, 3 color options.

Bones Dragon 1.0

Asset can be imported and used with Unity 4 Mechanim, character has 46 animations, Requires Unity 3.5.7 or higher.


This powerful Asian Dragon is ready to populate your project and give it a little bit more spice and an exotic feel.

Simple Buildings – Cartoon City 1.01

A simple asset pack of buildings to help create an urban city based game.

MicroSplat – Terrain Holes 2.54

The Terrain Holes module for MicroS platadds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.

Futuristic Soldier

This is a 3d animated futuristic soldier coming with 18 animations, spec and normal maps and 2 LOD stages
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