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Drop 3D Effects 1.3.1

This package lets you create a 3D objects drop animation.

Simple Buildings – Cartoon City 1.01

A simple asset pack of buildings to help create an urban city based game.

MicroSplat – Terrain Holes 2.54

The Terrain Holes module for MicroS platadds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.

Futuristic Soldier

This is a 3d animated futuristic soldier coming with 18 animations, spec and normal maps and 2 LOD stages

Character Juggernaut 1.0

This Juggernaut,character contains 13 animation., download free.

Carnivorous Plant 1.0

Use it as enemy or boss! Rigged and animated.Textures are hand painted. Available in 3 colors. 16 animations. 2600 tris. Generic Mecanim Ready.

Character Arachnids 1.0

Character arachnids. Will be a great enemy of any project. a set of eight motion animation.

Simple Airport – Cartoon Assets 1.11

A Simple Airport pack with Planes, Ground Vehicles, Fighter Jets, Helicopters, Characters, Buildings, Environments and Props to create an your very own game

Control Freak 2 – Touch Input Made Easy 2.2.8

Control Freak 2 - Touch Input Made Easy 2.2.8 download free Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.Control Freak 2 is a multi-platform...

Beautify 7.0.1

Beautify 7.0.1 download free, beautify is a full-screen image post processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes.

Pro Radar Builder v1.0.2a

Internal pooling & Optimization modulePRO Radar Builder is an advanced editor tool which allows users to

Odin – Inspector and Serialize 2.0.16

Odin puts your Unity workflow on steroids, making it easy to build powerful and advanced user-friendly editors for you and your entire team.

Fps Accelerator 3.1

X-Frame is intended for mobile devices (Android and iOS tested) and HDPI screens.

Build Report Tool 3.4.11

This tool provides a nice front-end for Unity's build info. It shows the assets included when you build and how much storage space each of them take.

Expo Kit Menu Image Gallery Video Player Info 1.2

Image Gallery Kit is a complete solution for media content control: show your game menu, play videos, swipe images, scroll texts, present your company or product

Village Exteriors Kit v1.3

This modular kit is what you have been looking for to construct all the Medieval Fantasy Village & Town buildings you would ever need

Stylized Forest 1.2

A high Quality Stylized package, which can be used to populate a stylized forest environment for your game.

Scythe girl 1.0

Scythe girl is an animated model, Requires Unity 5.3.5 or higher.

Sci-Fi Objects BIG Pack

This package uses atlas textures of 4096 x 4096 resolution, assets are low poly and can be used on mobile devices.

Sci-Fi Neon Props Pack 1.0

Sci-Fi Neon Props Pack 1.0 download free, requires Unity 2017.2.0 or higher, Sci-Fi Neon Props Pack
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